Hi I'm Sofia!

Ever since I was little I had a fascination with watching other people play games and how each of their experiences is unique. It is a childhood lingering dream for me to work with games and create immersive universes, hence I am always improving my art and design skills to visualize new aesthetics and art styles.

I like to socialize and am somewhat of a planner in my groups and communities, an example was being the class representative in my bachelor years, now I am facilitating workshops on campus, planning social events, and still have overview of the lectures to help my classmates, when confused.

When I am not studying you can find me playing video games, going the art museums, doing art challenges, finding hidden gems to go eat and making homemade kimchi.

Interested in working together?
Please contact me at: sofia2000@live.dk


2016-2019: Higher Technical Exam in Communication, Design and Psychology

2019-2022:Bachelor in Visual Design; Game- and Interaction design

2022-2024 Currently Studying: Master in Visual Game and Media Design

Work Experience

Twitch Commission Work
2020-2022: Working with different streamers on Twitch, making them emoticons, coins, sub badges and banners. It is always a different experience depending with who I’m working for, but I enjoy the going back and forth and finding the ending product.

Fabula Studios Internship
2022: A four month internship where I was the lead artist. I created visual styles, creature design, level design, concepts and animations


2013-2016: Art mentoring and school at Maibrit Bo

2015: One week internship at IO Interactive

2019-2020: Part of the Visual Design Institute Council of  The Danish Royal Academy

2020: Winner of the Royal Academy Best Film Award, Title: Overcomsumption

2023: Art Workshop Facilitator and Teacher

Software knowledge

Experienced: Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Premiere Pro, Procreate, Blender, Trello.

Intermediate: Adobe Animate, In Design, Microsoft Excel, C#, Unity, 3DS Max.

Soft Skills

Time management, Co-creation, Leadership, Concepting, Multi-tasking, Creative problem-solving, Art Direction.

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Enjoy yourself in my snippets from old projects and work. Have fun! :D